Important! Both Teams Must Post Results

Upcoming Matches

This page shows matches that are due to be played in the next 30 days (or before 1st May if a new season).

League Matches

The dates for these matches are as supplied by the Clubs

Cup Matches

Please note that Cup matches could be the actual date on which they are to be played or might be the date on which that round must be played by. Check with your club for exact dates

Matches in the past!

If a match is displayed for a date that has gone then it means that the result has not been sent or published by the League administrators.

If the match was cancelled or has been rearranged then the new date should be notifed to the League Administrators by the Club


Matches To Be Organised (updates occur overnight)

The matches are waiting to be organised. If you have recently posted match updates then they will be included by 9am the following morning