Important! Both Teams Must Post Results

New Features

April 1 2019

Reminder placed on site for reporting match results and Pending Updates pages now visible

November 28 2018

Rules for 2019 Published on Documents Page

Instructional video added for Match Date and Score notification

March 25 2018

The scores facility is active

For date changes - you will now see a DatePicker (Calender) which should make selection easier.

October 26th 2017

For the 2018 season dates and scores will be reported via a special page

Captains / Secretaries will have received their code at the AGM or should request it through the contact us page 

November 7th 2013

A new feature allowing clubs to see all their scheduled matches has been added to the Home page

March 31st

The Mobile skin has now been implemented.

The Documents for the 2012 AGM and 2013 Rules have been added to the site

Captains have been contacted by email and the new Results systems should be implemented shortly

November 16th

WIP - Work In Progress

Changes are currently being made to the site, and each will be posted here, the main change is the Skin or look and feel of the site. The new Skin is Mobile responsive and people viewing with a mobile device will see the biggest difference

On page that have left and right side advertising this now appears in One Column so you now see


League Table / Matches


as opposed to originally

Advert ! League Table / Matches ! Advert

July 17th

Mobile redirection has been implemented on the site. This means that visitors using a Mobile device will be redirected to a Mobile optimised version of the site. Initially this is just a Survey, but in future we will be tailoring the site to meet the needs of the mobile visitor

July 8th

Contact Us

Contact form changed to allow direction of messages

April 1st

A whole new section has been added to the Archives. This provides detailed information put together by the Hardy "B" administrator and contains some incredible history of the League and the Clubs that have been a part of it.

A Shopping page has been added, this contains links to all the companies whose advertising banner are displayed throughout the site

February 16th

A new page Upcoming Games has been added to the menu, the pages shows matches scheduled in the next 30 days

The Resutls pages have been activated, clubs please refer to the instructions provided at the AGM

January 4th

The documents have been slightly changed so that "Current" documents are at the top and older ,"Archive" documents sit below

October 30th

The purpose of this page is to inform users / visitors of new features that have been made available on the site

As the features become available the name of the page will change to reflect that new information is available.

For example if new features are added after the AGM then the page name will become "New 7 Nov"