April 19th 2020

Covid 19

Following the news with the extended lockdown, we have no choice but to cancel the 2020 season.  The outlook for competitive golf is still unknown and some clubs have already stated the challenges in rearranging fixtures prior to today’s news.  Dave and I feel that we have tried to maintain the league for as long as possible however we now have no other options.

All subscriptions will be rolled over to the 2021 season, all leagues will stay the same and the cup season will start again.

I would suggest that friendly matches could be arranged later in the season, but this will all need to be arranged between the two captains – you could have mixed Hardy A and B teams and play home and away. This is just a thought that you may wish to explore.

Please stay safe and lets look forward to 2021, what else could go wrong?  Oh wait the new handicap system 😊.


Many thanks


Neal Riley and Dave Hassall

March 19th 2020

Covid 19

Thanks for your time this evening (Wed 18th), it was great to see 30 Hardy A and B  captains on the call to discuss the way forward.

The minutes and decisions were as follows:

The main decision was to decide if the season should be delayed \ extended or cancelled.   The clear decision was to continue with the season in a safe fashion and ensure that we are following the government guidelines.

  • Where possible and where players are not in the at risk category games should be played.  Please respect the home clubs management of the virus situation, e.g. the bar may be closed.
  • If captains decide to reschedule matches then it is between the two captains BUT the dates need to be updated on the website
  • If a captain has players in the at risk category and can’t get a full team then games can be rescheduled and no points deductions will take place.
  • The season will be extended if needed, but try to adhere to the dates.
  • Should the country go into a lock down, then a follow-up meeting will be scheduled if needed but we will follow the government guidelines.
  • The Hardy A and Hardy B cups will be cancelled for the 2020 season to allow more time for the league games.

Many thanks again


Neal Riley and Dave Hassall


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