July 8 2021 - Handicap index

Clubs will use the players handicap index to qualify for either Hardy A (handicap 10.0 and under) or Hardy B (Handicap 8.0-18.0), then follow the new process to calculate your playing handicap for the course of the day. This could see a Hardy A player whose handicap is 10, play off 8 or 12 (depending on the course index) or a Hardy B player with a handicap of 11 playing off 9 or even an 18-handicapper playing off 20.

The Maximum handicap index will be as follows:

Hardy A              Under 10.0 (Handicap Index)

Hardy B              Between 8.0 and 18.0 (Handicap Index)

Strokes Received:

Singles – FULL difference

Betterball – 90% difference


Due to several clubs having a high volume of handicaps adjusted; it was agreed to support the change in handicap range for Hardy B.  Players can play in both Hardy A and B.  This will be reviewed again at the 2021 AGM.

May 31st 2021 - Random Coin Toss

To save people organising matches and then doing odds and evens Lottery Bonus Ball I have implemented a process where by I perform a virtual coin toss. This runs through the matches a virtual Head leaves the match as set a virtual Tail switches the match around. For cup games this is done from Round 2 as Round 1 is drawn. For the plate it is from Round 1