July 26th 2021 - Automatic Updates

Score notifications are now being processed at 4:00 AM everyday

Pending Updates

I have made this page available so everyone can see the matches waiting to be updated.
I have got some manual testing to do this weekend (16th May) but hope to have the updates processed as part of an overnight routine.
If you see a processed score entered incorrectly, you will need to email me to get it corrected.
Captains posting score has been accurate so our original rule that we needed both captains to post matching scores seems unnecessary

If you have posted dates for 2021 I will correct these to 2022


2022 Testing41ChristchurchMeyrick Park Saturday 21/05/2022 
2022 Testing42ChristchurchLyme Regis Saturday 04/06/2022 
2022 Testing43ChristchurchFerndown Saturday 30/04/2022 
2022 Testing40ChristchurchAshley Wood Saturday 02/07/2022 
2022 Testing144Rushmore Crane Valley Sunday 11/09/2022 
2022 Testing51Dorset GandCC Crane Valley Saturday 20/08/2022 
2022 Testing8Bridport Crane Valley Saturday 09/07/2022 
2022 Testing45Crane Valley Wareham Sunday 26/06/2022 
2022 Testing46Crane Valley Meyrick Park Sunday 29/05/2022 
2022 Testing44Crane Valley Came Down Saturday 09/04/2022 

Pending Scores

WIP - needs to show who posted score