January 11 2022

Work continues on the New Season, you will see a Tab 'Season 2022'

You will see buttons to show everything for leagues and cups and also buttons for each club

The League buttons show everything for the Divison whereas the Club buttons only show the matches for the club shown.

If you want you can start to post dates, which will appear on Pending Updates, but won't be actioned until January. 

If you have posted dates for 2021 I will correct these to 2022

For the Cups you can arrange Round 2 matches but please NOTE the Coin Toss has not happened yet so Home and Away may reverse for some games

Hardy A Cup


Play By Cup Rounds
Round:1 Sunday 17 April 2022
Round:2 Sunday 29 May 2022
Round:3 Sunday 17 July 2022
Round:4 Sunday 28 August 2022
Round:5 Sunday 25 September 2022

Matches Played

1Came Down 160Bye 1
3Ashley Wood 160Bye 1
5Meyrick Park 160Bye 1
7Dudsbury 160Bye 1
8Parkstone 160Bye 1
9Bridport 160Bye 1
11Isle of Purbeck 160Bye 1
13Yeovil 160Bye 1
15Rushmore 160Bye 1

To Be Played

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117/04/2022 05:002Dorset GandCC Bulbury Date
117/04/2022 05:004Wareham Moors Valley Date
117/04/2022 05:006Knighton Heath Broadstone Date
117/04/2022 05:0010Sherborne Ferndown Date
117/04/2022 05:0012Weymouth Crane Valley Date
117/04/2022 05:0014Folke Highcliffe Date
117/04/2022 05:0016Ferndown Forest Lyme Regis Date
229/05/2022 05:0017Came Down Winner Game-2 
229/05/2022 05:0018Ashley Wood Winner Game-4 
229/05/2022 05:0019Meyrick Park Winner Game-6 
229/05/2022 05:0020Dudsbury Parkstone Date
229/05/2022 05:0021Bridport Winner Game-10 
229/05/2022 05:0022Isle of Purbeck Winner Game-12 
229/05/2022 05:0023Yeovil Winner Game-14 
229/05/2022 05:0024Rushmore Winner Game-16 
317/07/2022 05:0025Winner Game-17Winner Game-18 
317/07/2022 05:0026Winner Game-19Winner Game-20 
317/07/2022 05:0027Winner Game-21Winner Game-22 
317/07/2022 05:0028Winner Game-23Winner Game-24 
428/08/2022 05:0029Winner Game-25Winner Game-26 
428/08/2022 05:0030Winner Game-27Winner Game-28 
525/09/2022 05:0031Winner Game-29Winner Game-30 
525/09/2022 05:0032Winner Game-30Winner Game-29