You will see buttons to show everything for leagues and cups and also buttons for each club, by leagues

The League buttons show everything for the Divison whereas the Club buttons only show the matches for the club shown and any upcoming Cup / Plate matches.

April 4th 2022

Recording Dates and Scores

After you have chosen your League, Cup, Plate or just your Team you will be shown matches to be arranged and matches requiring scores.

You should record the date ahead of the match, but if not then you can record it afterwards, but this is not processed until the early hours of the next day.

Where an arranged date has been passed the match willnow show in Matches Played and if the score has not yet been posted and processed you will see a link to Score.

If you are not sure of your code, and you have told us you are a Team Captain or Club Secretary you can request your Authorisation Code from the Date or Score pages once you've clicked a link.

March 11 2022 Coin Toss and Updates

The Coin toss to randomiise the Home Team for Cup (Round 2 onwards) and Plate (Round 1 onwards) has been performed

Match Dates and Match Results, From Tuesday March 15th this will be run approx 4am Wednesdays

Hardy B Division 4

Meyrick Park 641139211318
Lyme Regis 5212282276
Ferndown 612324365-12
Ashley Wood 502314362-22

Matches Played

GameIDMatch DateHomeHomeScoreAwayScoreAwayPostScore
530/04/2022Ashley Wood 55Lyme Regis  
11807/05/2022Meyrick Park 73Lyme Regis  
4121/05/2022Christchurch55Meyrick Park  
7122/05/2022Ferndown 37Lyme Regis  
11704/06/2022Meyrick Park 100Ashley Wood  
6912/06/2022Ferndown 82Ashley Wood  
7226/06/2022Ferndown 55Christchurch 
4002/07/2022Christchurch82Ashley Wood  
11909/07/2022Meyrick Park 73Christchurch 
716/07/2022Ashley Wood 55Ferndown  
12023/07/2022Meyrick Park 100Ferndown  
11130/07/2022Lyme Regis 100Meyrick Park  
4207/08/2022Christchurch73Lyme Regis  

To Be Played

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Sat 13 Aug 2022 01:30Lyme Regis ChristchurchDate
Sat 20 Aug 2022 01:00Ashley Wood Meyrick Park Date
Sun 25 Sep 2022 01:00Ashley Wood ChristchurchDate
Sun 2 Oct 2022 01:00Ferndown Meyrick Park Date
Thu 15 Dec 2022 05:00Lyme Regis Ashley Wood Date
Thu 15 Dec 2022 05:00Lyme Regis Ferndown Date

Cup / Plate to Play

May 7th in Testing - will show data if you have chosen your club